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“Why practice the skills of ancient man? Each time we breathe in the smoke of a fire created by rubbing one stick against another, we breathe in the air of the dawn of all time. Each time we crack two stones together, we rejoin the brotherhood of man and a past that unites us all. Learning is ever on the increase, yet all we learn swirls together as it joins into and affects time forever. What we do with that which we have learned can bless or curse future generations. Everything our hands do imprints upon time forever. There are those in the past who knew this…perhaps, it is time we took the hand of time gone by to learn what we have forgotten.”

—Benjamin ‘Raven’ Pressley

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If you are in the Hendersonville/

Asheville area and have an interest in learning survival skills and wilderness living techniques please check this guy out! He really knows his stuff and offers a ton of free resources, classes, books, and incredible information. His prices are extremely reasonable for the kind of knowledge he is passing on. Check this site out or contact the man himself for more information!—‘Mississippi’ Dave Treadway, Hendersonville, NC


“Thanks so much for your contributions of time, patience and skills. Your session helped to make the Kitty Love (Girl Scouts)Camporee a success. The girls got a lot out of the sessions you led. Thanks for being generous enough to say yes. –B.K., Girl Scout Leader, Gastonia, NC

Awesome! Your demonstrations were outstanding last year. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us this year.—Marsha Johnson, Pow-Wow organizer, Cosby, TN


“The breath of knowledge and his relaxed, open and confident presentation was one of the most memorable and valuable I have experienced. Thank you Raven!” —Elmer


“Informative and a lot of fun. 5 stars!”  —Karen Cheek

I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your class yesterday. You are a treasure trove of information! Your class was informative, well structured and the handouts were a great reference. We are already discussing doing another class with you and will let you know what areas we would like to focus on. Thanks again for a great day and sharing your knowledge and experience with us!

Sincerely, Kathi Barry

“Kids loved this!! You are so full of knowledge and are great with the kids. Thanks Raven, looking forward to the 22nd class! “ —Amy Wallace


“Great! We actually covered more things than I had even hoped! Looking forward to many more. And it was great to meet so many nice people.” —Red


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