Having A Great Time!

We are having a great time at this year’s Basic Survival Skills class at Blue Ridge Community College! If you want to sign up for the next one go to their website.

  • Having a great time with this class at BRCC Spring 2017!


  • Raven's Personal Survival Kit contains all you will need on the trail if you lose all your modern gear and have to survive.

Raven has put together a personal survival kit based on the one he always carries with him. This survival kit contains all the most important items you need if caught in a survival situation while hiking, camping, canoeing or any outdoor related activity. It is all put in an easy to carry waterproof pouch attached to your belt as a fanny pack. That is important for if all your gear were lost you would still have all the items connected to you. This kit is based on his many years as a survival skills teacher and field tested with many students’ approval and satisfaction. It also includes a set of survival tips cards personally illustrated by him. Some of the items included are: A matchless fire sparking device that will make fire even soaking wet! Fire tinder compressed wads. As survival space blanket. Paracord. Wire. A fishing kit. A sanding tool with a roll of duct tape for a handle….and more!

Only $35!

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