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Modern conveniences, we are surrounded by them, so much so that we take most of them for granted, until we don’t have them. I’m not against having modern conveniences. They have made life easier and given us all more time for things we enjoy. But neither can the individual who will survive become so much a slave to luxuries that they cannot do without them. It is a fact that disillusionment and the paranoia that follows it are the biggest killers among people thrust into a survival situation.     

    Yes, there was a time people lived closer to the Earth. They experienced the outdoors everyday. In our modern culture most people have become far removed from this connection. This book draws off of the skills that primitive people have used for thousands of years and applies these skills in such a way to show the modern day survival student how they too can survive in the outdoors. The knowledge you will obtain from reading and practicing the skills described in this book could very well save you and your loved ones’ life. Once you experience the outdoors on this level you will never look at the outdoors the same way again. This just may be the most comprehensive book on survival on the market! Full of great original instructive drawings and photographs! Available in paperback only. FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO ORDER JUST CLICK ON THE IMAGE.


5 STAR REVIEW!  Primitive Survival Perfectly Explained, February 18, 2016
This review is from: Can You Survive?: Basic Primitive, Survival and Wilderness Living Skills (Paperback)
I received a review copy of this book based on a publicly recognized shared expert knowledge of wood lore and I must say first off, that I am quite pleased
with the authors well written descriptive training for those that are trying to learn the art of primitive survival. The books author “Raven” has drawn from his heritage and applied a great deal of his continuing practice and research in using the basics of bushcraft to try to sustain ones self while using traditional time proven practices of a bygone era of Stone Age technology and beyond. The book details many practical and effective methods displayed in many crisp well placed illustrations as well as further articulated in clear photos of the author himself demonstrating what his unique prose is trying to further convey to both the layman and practiced woodsman in techniques of using natural elements in survival. You will learn many forgotten talents and survival tricks in this book that runs the gamut from the rudiments of just starting a fire and staying alive to catching animals and smoking hides so that they will be resistant to odors and bacteria. A Primitive survival book written by a true practitioner and it shows! I highly recommend this book.

“Your books are excellent. They are accurate, understandable and the illustrations are superb. For classes and teaching purposes I have never used a better resource.”—D.S., Educator, Philadelphia, PA

on March 8, 2016
Format: Paperback
I recently received a copy of this book from a friend while on a camping trip, and I had the free time to read it cover to cover during the drive home. I really enjoyed this book! I have been reading books about Wilderness Survival & Living for many years and still learned a bunch of little tid-bits and jewels of ideas found within this author’s work. The illustrations and photos are of a uniquely high quality….visually describing complex tasks in clear and easy to view pictures and diagrams. The pages and layout are very easy to view and I found myself dog-earing pages along the way to review further!
I would recommend this work to both novice and more experienced woodsmen alike that are looking for a well constructed analysis of the skills and knowledge required to live in a primitive outdoor situation.
Well Done….



Mike also relates his story of how he made fire with bow & drill by following the instructions in Raven’s book.


Warrior Scout Series

By Benjamin ‘Raven’ Pressley & Fernan David Vargas

I am really excited about this joint effort with my friend Fernan. He is a martial arts instructor that has written many books himself. He knows self defense! When he approached me about this project I immediately got excited. In a world of conflict we offer the first in this series to prepare anyone for the many scenarios of life. It is the right blend of self defense, survival skills and positive philosophy. Order your copy today!


VOLUME 1 PAPERBACK                                             VOLUME 1 KINDLE

Survival Basic Philosophy and Priorities. Hunting Weapons: Rabbit Stick. Survival Shelter: Debris Shelter. Types of Fires. Defending with a walking stick (The Scout Staff). The Deadly Lucky Seven technique

VOLUME 2 PAPERBACK                                             VOLUME 2 KINDLE

Survival Shelters: Wickiup. Making Fire With Flint & Steel. Wilderness Cooking. Types of Fires. Hunting Weapons: Atlatl. Knife Combatives Basics. Footwork…More!


“Pressley and Vargas have provided an excellent tool for getting back to our basics, for re-discovering the complexity and totality of survival. In Volume One of the Warrior Scout series, they address all the basic skills that everyone should know — water, food, navigation, etc.

But they do so in the context of the awareness that civilizations rise and fall. Why did they fall, and what can we do about it today?

These authors have provided the tools for a larger understanding, that you  must have a purpose, and you must have a belief in a higher power, if you are to break out of mere mundanity. In Volume 1, they provide many keys for re-embracing our tribal roots, including protecting our own tribes, as everyone automatically did at one time.  Basics of fighting and defense skills are presented — such as the Lucky Seven,–  and how to use your walking stick as the tool it is.

Pressley is one of the old-timers in this field, and is highly respected for his experience, and his original thinking on key elements of survival training.   Volume 1 of Warrior Scout is strongly recommended for  your tribe’s training.”

Christopher Nyerges

Survival Instructor Since 1974

School of Self Reliance

“Raven is a top notch survival skills instructor I have loved learning from.  His teachings both in his books and live courses are easy to follow and contain valuable gems for LEADING yourself and others through self-sufficiency, survival, and wilderness empowerment.” – Gary Tuerack, Founder and Chief Visionary, The National Society of Leadership and Success






1-fire-cordage 2-shelter 3-flint-n-steel


4-bow-drill 5-water-food-traps wid-cooking

RAVENQUEST is the 7 volume fantasy, action series I wrote. Exciting, original characters and family friendly. Safe for young readers but exciting for adults to read. It is not a children’s book. It is a great solid fantasy action series. The characters actually use my expertise in primitive and survival skills as they go on their adventures in the world of Terra Zem. Raven and Skyeyes are simple folk that live off the land until they find a sword in a cave that changes everything and they become the heroes of Terra Zem. Check it out more in detail by clicking the image below.


“Your books are excellent. They are accurate, understandable and the illustrations are superb. For classes and teaching purposes I have never used a better resource.”

—D.S., Educator, Philadelphia, PA


“The book, ‘Bow & Drill Firemaking’ is very clear and concise, it should be the first step for anyone who has an interest in making or using a bow and drill for making fire. The book is well illustrated.”

—C.W., Coweta, OK


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