Fire Saw Fire Making of the Wola People (Papua New Guinea)

SURVIVAL PRIORITIES By Benjamin Raven Pressley Fire without a doubt was one of the most important discoveries of humans. I would say cutting edges and fire were probably the two biggest discoveries that made an impact on our survival and technological advancement. Edges made it possible for humans to go Read More

Slimy Yet Satisfying!

Remember the popular movie Lion King? Remember that scene where Simba ran away and met up with a wart hog named Pumba and a meerkat named Timon who introduced their new found friend to eating bugs…so they wouldn’t get eaten by Simba! They have to coax him into trying bugs Read More

Celts and Adzes

Tools: As Close As Your Hands     Tools, how would we do without them? If you think about it you always have tools. Most people have their hands, their fingers, their fingernails. With your hands you can make tools to accomplish tasks that alone they could not. Humans are the Read More

The Wonders of River Cane

River Cane is in the grass family and is the native bamboo of North America. It grows only in the Southeast. Because of its relation with bamboo with the introduction of Asian bamboo through time it has cross bred into more varieties than I can number. Some of the cross Read More

Herbal Prepper Academy

How would you like to learn herbal remedies from herbalist, author, and urban homesteader, Catherine DiRuzza-Ellis better known as Cat?

Conquering The Darkness

This blog I want to discuss some ways of lighting your camp or making a torch or lamp for exploring a cave. It is a whole new experience to explore a cave with a light you have created, lights up the whole cave. I researched many methods used by primitive Read More


Warrior Scout Series By Benjamin ‘Raven’ Pressley & Fernan David Vargas I am really excited about this joint effort with my friend Fernan. He is a martial arts instructor that has written many books himself. He knows self defense! When he approached me about this project I immediately got excited.

Rabbit Sticks

Written by Benjamin ‘Raven’ Pressley I would like to introduce you to what is possibly the easiest to use, most effective hunting weapon you can make. It is easy to make and is probably the oldest hunting weapon known to humankind.  And I want to take some time to put Read More

Wilderness Steam Pit

A steam pit is a great way to cook food in a wilderness survival situation of just for fun. A steam pit can be any size depending on what you are cooking. Hawaiians have been doing it for years in luaus. Here is step by step how to make and Read More


  By Benjamin ‘Raven’ Pressley Some say there is a cure for everything in nature, some yet undiscovered. That is plausible. I know along the way in my wildwood treks I have a few go to plants I use. In a survival situation one must be particularly careful and take Read More

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