Instructional Pages by Raven

I find that in teaching and writing that it takes a combination of photographs and line drawings to really achieve quality instruction. Here are a few of my line drawn, original instruction sheets. You may use them as long as you always give credit where credit is due and refer Read More


I have written a great new fantasy action series called RAVENQUEST. It is 7 volumes of action, adventure, original characters and more. Written for all ages, young and old. Family friendly. Raven and Skyeyes are the principle characters. They are simple folk living off the land; my expertise in survival Read More

Winter Survival

How your Body Loses Heat By Benjamin ‘Raven’ Pressley   Staying warm can be a challenge in the outdoors if you’re not prepared or don’t have the proper knowledge of how the body loses heat. Exposure to the elements is the number two cause of death in a survival situation Read More

Earthlodges, Tipis, Quinzhees, Snow Caves and More!

Building a Modernized Earthlodge Exploring Low-Cost Dome Construction Methods by Thomas J. Elpel, Author of Living Homes and Participating in Nature   Earthlodge architecture comes from the northern Great Plains where Mandan Indians built massive structures for communal housing and shelter from bitterly cold subzero winters and the relentless wind Read More


FIVE PREPAREDNESS SKILLS EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW By Becca Moore The Patriot Mom When we hear the word “survival”, it seems most of us think of things like starting fires, building shelters, hunting, fishing, searching for water and other basic survival skills. Although those things are essential to our survival, Read More

Make Your Own Survival Kit!

Survival Kits A well prepared person will have a survival kit on their belt, a survival kit in their vehicle and a survival kit at home. Each of these kits should be sized and supplied uniquely for their location.

Gimme Shelter!

It is more than a Rolling Stones song! SURVIVAL SHELTER By Benjamin ‘Raven’ Pressley   What is the number one reason people die in a survival situation? Statistically speaking it is the mistakes they make, paranoia, thinking more about what they don’t have instead of what they do have. The Read More

Adaptability: The Essence of Primitive Cultures

Adaptability The Essence of Primitive Cultures By Thomas J. Elpel Primitive peoples had no choice about whether they were going to practice their skills or not.  It wasn’t a sport for them; it was survival.

Bird Watching & Nature Observation

Today’s blog is by guest blogger Alex Park of Some of my readers may question why I posted an article on bird watching and may be wondering what it has to do with survival skills. Well I can tell you….

The Sling

    The sling is a very formidable weapon in the hands of a practiced user and also one of my favorite weapons. Not to be confused with the slingshot, the sling is two lengths of cord, leather or woven fibers, tied on opposite ends of a pouch large enough to Read More

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