Adaptability: The Essence of Primitive Cultures

Adaptability The Essence of Primitive Cultures By Thomas J. Elpel Primitive peoples had no choice about whether they were going to practice their skills or not.  It wasn’t a sport for them; it was survival.

Bird Watching & Nature Observation

Today’s blog is by guest blogger Alex Park of Some of my readers may question why I posted an article on bird watching and may be wondering what it has to do with survival skills. Well I can tell you….

The Sling

    The sling is a very formidable weapon in the hands of a practiced user and also one of my favorite weapons. Not to be confused with the slingshot, the sling is two lengths of cord, leather or woven fibers, tied on opposite ends of a pouch large enough to Read More

Carving Wood With Fire!

The Native Americans and many primitive people used fire to burn out dugout canoes and more? You can use this same technology to make a bowl, cup or even a spoon!  

Bow & Drill Firemaking Illustrated

  Having trouble making fire with bow and drill or wanting to try it for the first time? These instructional drawings and photographs by Raven will help.

Top 5 Edible Plants

These five plants are plants that most everyone knows and are available almost anywhere in the world.

Can You Survive?

Can You Survive? by Benjamin ‘Raven’ Pressley Is all the gadgetry we have surrounded ourselves with really ‘necessities’ or have we let ourselves become victims to so much gadgetry that even a broken pencil cannot be sharpened because the electric sharpener is out of batteries?….  

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