We are so glad to know you and look forward to hearing about what you have to share! Make sure that you have filled out a GENERAL INFORMATION FORM before filling out this form or if you have one on file we will match it by your name. Please tell all you can  about the class/workshop you want to share and teach by filling out this form. We will keep this form on file so you will not have to fill this out everytime. This form is editable. Go down the list and fill in all the information right beside and on the line indicated. Save the form and e-mail to us. Your proposal will be evaluated and approved and you will be contacted and details will be finalized.




  • Woodsrunner expects all instructors to conduct their classes with safety in mind. Woodsrunner is not liable for injury.
  • Instructors may sell any items they have for sale. 100% of this money is yours to keep.
  • All courses will be marked up 30% for Woodsrunner to keep.
  • We strive to be the best host possible but ultimately each instructor is responsible for their comfort and lodging.
  • Woodsrunner is glad to support other similar schools but we do ask that no instructor deliberately promote any other school to compete with our school. If you aren’t sure about something ask us in advance whether we approve.
  • Woodsrunner provides primitive camping space, water, firewood, compost toilet, hot shower and electricity at the kitchen building. Anything else required should be discussed and agreed upon in advance.
  • Woodsrunner generally finds it to be most fair to everyone if no particular spiritual viewpoint is promoted unless that is what your class is about and you have discussed this with Woodsrunner and received approval.
  • Alcoholic beverages are allowed we just ask that all around you including non-drinkers are respected and not affected by behavior that may be alcohol induced. No illegal drugs are allowed.
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