Are We Making This Too Hard?

So many are so confused about what a Christian is and what it means to truly walk with God.  It starts by having a relationship with God Himself. It isn’t about religion, that’s a man made thing; It is about relationship. It is knowing who you are in Christ. It is knowing and believing what the Bible says. When you realize who you are in Christ and what He has accomplished on your behalf then it will become natural for you to live for God. Not struggling. Not trying to pay a debt you think you owe. You will be transformed. You will be free.
So many religions have made it so difficult and many sincere people are lost in a labyrinth of confusing doctrines. Don’t be lost in the labyrinth any longer.
This book is about being free. It is the way out of the labyrinth of confusion and bondage. This book contains a series of teachings that I have given through the years. If it is truly God’s Word it will be a lamp to our feet and a light to our path not confuse us more and cast shadows over the path we are walking. Darkness is not a force in and of itself. Darkness is the absence of light. May God use this book to shed light upon your path.

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