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Fantasy writer and survival skills instructor Benjamin ‘Raven’ Pressley, known for his fantasy adventure series RAVENQUEST and Can You Survive? and many other books, has taken his imagination and applied it to many unique items that are practical and great for gifts. Raven also does custom work. Feel free to contact him with whatever you have in mind.


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Rattler Bag $40.00

Wings Necklace $15.00

Claw Dreamcatcher Necklace $15.00

Stone Cross Necklace $20.00

Rattlesnake Shoulder Bag $200.00

Arrowhead Necklace $10.00

Stone Cross Bracelet $15.00

Rabbit Skin Belt Bag $80.00

Seeing Hand Necklace $25.00

Skull Beads Choker $30.00

Feathers & Key Choker $40.00

Raccoon Shoulder Bag $180

Bear Claw Dreamcatcher Necklace $30.00

Rattlesnake Belt Bag $40.00

Dreamcatcher Belt Pouch $30.00

Bear Claw Trade Bead Dreamcatcher Necklace $30.00

Chippewa Double Ball Game $40.00

Smartphone Belt Pouch $35.00

Glasses Belt Case $35.00

Thunderbird Arm Band $35.00

Mini Fishing Kit Necklace $30.00

Beavertooth Dreamcatcher Necklace $30.00

Wizard’s Staff $35.00

Wrist Band $20.00

Raven Tribe Keyring $10.00

Fang Dreamcatcher Necklace $25.00

Filigree Belt Bag $30.00

Bone Incense Burner $10.00

Net Drawstring Bag $10.00

Leaves Necklace $10.00


Raven is also a prolific author and has written many books on survival and spiritual subjects as well as a fantasy series! He also has his own e-book publishing company called Destin-E Books where he not only publishes e-books of his own but also carries many other authors books on many subjects.




Raven’s Personal Survival Kit!

  • Raven's Personal Survival Kit contains all you will need on the trail if you lose all your modern gear and have to survive.

Raven has put together a personal survival kit based on the one he always carries with him. This survival kit contains all the most important items you need if caught in a survival situation while hiking, camping, canoeing or any outdoor related activity. It is all put in an easy to carry pouch attached to your belt as a fanny pack (Pouch pictured may vary due to availability of type of pouch in stock.). That is important for if all your gear were lost you would still have all the items connected to you. This kit is based on his many years as a survival skills teacher and field tested with many students’ approval and satisfaction. It also includes a set of survival tips cards personally illustrated by him. Some of the items included are: A matchless fire sparking device that will make fire even soaking wet! Fire tinder compressed wads. As survival space blanket. Paracord. Wire. A fishing kit. A sanding tool ….and more! Includes half off coupon for a downloadable version of Raven’s comprehensive book on survival ‘Can You Survive?’ and a coupon for 10% off any of his classes!

Only $35!

+$10 shipping

When ordering please note on transaction ‘SURVIVAL KIT’

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“Thank-you very much for all that you’ve done. I love both my medicine bags that you made me. I appreciate all the work you did in getting a picture (from movie studio for replication of medicine bag of movie character) to go by, so you could make exactly what I wanted.” —R.R., Fort Bragg, NC

“The throwing stick has earned a place in my wife’s collection of Australian aboriginal pieces. It looks like it belongs right in with her throwing sticks and woomera, which are authentic aborigine.” —D.S., Educator, Philadelphia, PA

5 out of 5 stars

Love it, everyone noteses it and likes it… The ordering and receiving of this pouch was quick and easy…Doing business with you is always a pleasure!—Chuck

5 out of 5 stars

Great item; just as pictured; reasonably priced; received on time.—Amy Laughlin



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