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Classes will be announced soon. Probably not much to be offered for rest of 2017 until Spring 2018. I am real busy with other pursuits such as street festivals demonstrations, privately contracted classes and museum replication. But check back and be sure to sign up for my newsletter to keep up with what is going on. If you have something in mind get in touch though and I will see if the date you have in mind is clear. Also be sure and take advantage of my book on survival, ‘Can You Survive?’. It is full of great knowledge and instructional drawings and pictures.




“I am thrilled with Blue Ridge having offered this wonderful course with such a skilled instructor.” –Gary Tuerack, The National Society of Leadership and Success

“Well done Raven. This is the beginning of a vast “learning” by all of us. Thank you for having all these skills and sharing them with us.” —Bob O.

“The breath of knowledge and his relaxed, open and confident presentation was one of the most memorable and valuable I have experienced. Thank you Raven!” —Elmer

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