Wilderness Steam Pit

A steam pit is a great way to cook food in a wilderness survival situation of just for fun. A steam pit can be any size depending on what you are cooking. Hawaiians have been doing it for years in luaus. Here is step by step how to make and use one for yourself! (more…)



By Benjamin ‘Raven’ Pressley

Some say there is a cure for everything in nature, some yet undiscovered. That is plausible. I know along the way in my wildwood treks I have a few go to plants I use. In a survival situation one must be particularly careful and take things like even tiny scratches more serious. Problems such as infections can be even more life threatening in the wild far from any hospitals or modern medicine. These are only a few of many but are my top plants that I use on a regular basis. (more…)

Instructional Pages by Raven

I find that in teaching and writing that it takes a combination of photographs and line drawings to really achieve quality instruction. Here are a few of my line drawn, original instruction sheets. You may use them as long as you always give credit where credit is due and refer students to all I have to offer on my website. All these drawings are available with great instruction and photographs in my book Can You Survive? Also many instructional sheets are available on request. Great for scouts and groups. Inquire for pricing.


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