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How would you like to learn herbal remedies from herbalist, author, and urban homesteader, Catherine DiRuzza-Ellis better known as Cat?

“My love of herbs began in my teens when I was fascinated with making perfumes, incense, drawer sachets, other lovely aromatic things. But after herbs helped me recover from a serious respiratory infection in the late 1990’s, my focus shifted decidedly towards herbal medicine.

My husband and I threw ourselves into urban homesteading when we both lost our incomes in 2008. We knew there had to be a better, more frugal and sustainable way to live. We were already interested in camping, gardening, beekeeping, and other self-reliant hobbies. The failing economy, however, kicked our interests in preparedness, survivalism, and homesteading into high gear.

“I am the author of two books, Prepper’s Natural Medicine and Prepping for a Pandemic, teach herbal and prepper courses, and homeschool my two children.

“You can keep up with my herbal and homesteading shenanigans at www.HerbalPrepper.com and at www.HomesteadingMom.com.”




Are you serious about learning primitive and survival skills?

What would you do if you had no modern gear how would you survive? It can happen. I have a whole file of stories about people who lost their modern gear when a canoe overturned or they had to leave their gear behind for some reason. My book CAN YOU SURVIVE? is a no BS book written from my many years of experience. I like gear as much as anyone but my goal has always been to never get dependent upon ANY gear. Yes, be prepared but let part of that preparation include how to survive with nothing except what nature provides. My book is fully illustrated with great line drawings I did myself that clearly instruct in the skill they are illustrating. There are great original photographs to further illustrate.

Just look at these chapter titles!

  • Can You Survive? General philosophy, mindset and attitudes for survival.
  • Shelter. How to make emergency shelters in the wild that will keep you warm and alive!
  • Fire. Making fire, importance and uses for fire.
  • Flint and Steel Firemaking. Everything you need to know about this method of making fire with no matches.
  • Bow and Drill Firemaking. Every detail you need to make fire by friction!
  • Basic Firebuilding. Different fire lays for particular tasks. Fire safety. How to keep a fire going. How to put out and fight a fire if it gets out of control.
  • Water. How to acquire clean drinking water in the wild. How to filter it to make it safe.
  • Food. What plants and animals to eat.
  • Wilderness Cooking. Many ways to cook food in the wild with no modern utensils.
  • Rabbit Sticks. How to make and use a stick for a weapon for hunting.
  • Primitive Hunting Weaponry. Learn to make and use hunting weapons like the atlatl, blowgun, bola and more.
  • Primitive/Survival Fishing. Making cordage from plant fibers for fishing line, basket traps, wiers, spears, poisons and more.
  • Wilderness Tool Making. Flintknapping, making cutting edges from stone. Tools for drilling, digging, pounding and more.
  • Conquering The Darkness. Making torches and lamps for lighting the dark.
  • Hide tanning. Learn to tan mammal and reptile hides. Learn braintan. This book is worth the price for this chapter alone!
  • Containers. Basket making. Making wooden containers with fire. Net drawstring bags. Bark containers and more.


  • MY book CAN YOU SURVIVE? is possibly the most comprehensive book on survival you may ever own!

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