Fire Saw Fire Making of the Wola People (Papua New Guinea)


By Benjamin Raven Pressley

Fire without a doubt was one of the most important discoveries of humans. I would say cutting edges and fire were probably the two biggest discoveries that made an impact on our survival and technological advancement. Edges made it possible for humans to go beyond being scavengers and to become hunters. Fire made it possible to cook and thus increased the variety of foods we could eat which meant more protein and calories which made our bodies and brains grow and advance. Edges and fire are still up there with our highest priorities in a survival situation. In order of importance what are the priorities of a person thrust into an unplanned survival situation? (more…)

Slimy Yet Satisfying!

Remember the popular movie Lion King? Remember that scene where Simba ran away and met up with a wart hog named Pumba and a meerkat named Timon who introduced their new found friend to eating bugs…so they wouldn’t get eaten by Simba! They have to coax him into trying bugs for food but like Pumba the wart hog says says “Slimy but satisfying” right before he downs one. After a while he gets used to eating bugs and likes them. Well, that is the way most people today, at least in the United States, think of eating bugs for food. However, anyone that has been into survival skills very long can probably all tell you their tales of eating bugs. Fact is in a survival situation you are going to need the protein. If you are very successful at hunting that is great but any honest person that has survived will admit that there are just some days hunting is not successful and your knowledge of edible plants and edible bug life can save your life. (more…)

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