Raven’s Calendar of Classes Is Here!

I am excited to announce my calendar of classes for the year! I have hooked up with Off The Grid With Tap3x

a great clearing house and treasure trove of some of the best variety and highest qualified instructors I have ever been associated with. Dan Meadows is the founder and is well known as a retired police officer and military, expert in marksmanship, martial arts and survival skills. Dan is well known and respected as a Civilian, Law Enforcement and Military Instructor, NRA Instructor & Range Safety Officer, NRA Member, Hunter Education Instructor & RSO, Hunter Mentor, Firearms Instructor, Firearms Historian, Archery Instructor. Instructor for: Military, Law Enforcement, Security &  Civilians. And look at this ever growing list of qualified instructors he has already:

I personally am lined up to teach two whole weekends this year in an intensive INTRODUCTION TO SURVIVAL SKILLS where I will be cramming all I can into two days teaching on how to survive with only what nature provides. Things like shelter, fire making without matches, hunting weaponry, taps, snares, acquiring water, edible plants, medicinal plants and more. I will also be co-teaching with Dan Meadows in a two day class in WILD COOKING. Dan will cover dutch oven cooking and many methods of cooking. I will teach cooking with no modern gear. I will also be teaching a class on ATLATLS, ice age weapon that preceded the bow and arrow by 9000 years and still an effective hunting weapon for a survival situation today. I will also teach a day of making and using SLINGS and  BOLAS as well as THROWING STICKS. I will also co-teach a class in BRAINTANNING. Learn to tan a deer hide soft as can be using only the brains of the animal, a method used by primitive people for thousands of years.
Are you excited? Are you ready to learn? What about classes by others in land navigation, trapping, hiking, camping, homesteading, farming, marksmanship…THERE ARE TOO MANY TO NAME HERE!
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