Fortifying Your Home for High Winds

High Winds During HurricaneFortifying Your Home for High Winds

Wind can come in the form of hurricanes, tornadoes, cyclones, microbursts or downdrafts. There are high winds and gusts in some instances that last just a few minutes, and there are sustaining winds that may last for days. While wind can be a powerful asset, it can also pose a significant danger at times. On an individual basis, it can be valuable to understand the impact of high winds and how we can best protect our homes and personal property from wind damage. There are many ways to reinforce a home against wind damage — some are simple enough to DIY while others may require professional assistance. (more…)

Building Construction in Ancient Times, Survival Shelters For Today

All around the world in the archaeological record, explorers’ notes and among Native American as well as all around the world we see structures that still stand the test of time. Maybe they haven’t survived physically because thy were made of natural materials that decay with time. Most of these primitive structures have vanished with the people who built them. However, in a survival situation or an off grid fortress they still are viable options and well worth learning about. This article focuses on the many shelters noted through time. Maybe try to build one for yourself! Let me know how it goes.


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