50 Ways Forest and Outdoor Learning Experiences Benefit Child Development

Outdoor play is key

Everyone loves the great outdoors. Children love playing in nature’s playground. They love gloriously muddy outdoor adventures. They love to explore further than the eye can see. They love to discover wildlife as they go. Connecting with nature is key to creativity and curiosity. Key findings agree. A recent Government poll found that 95% of children enjoyed learning outdoors rather than indoors.

There are hundreds of benefits to learning outside the classroom. Here are just a few: 

But while this kind of learning experience is fantastic for development, schools might be puzzled as to how they can give their students the best outdoor learning experience. After all, there’s so many amazing ways to connect with nature and the world around us. Knowing what works best is difficult.

This piece covers a few essential things such as:

  • Statistics on how much exposure to nature aids children’s learning.
  • How outdoor play teaches children valuable skills such as confidence and responsibility.
  • How outdoor activities aid young kids in creating social and physical routines.

It also provides some fascinating insights for parents and educators, such as:

  • 93% of schools believe outdoor learning improves children’s social skills.
  • Parks, fields, and playgrounds are the most popular outdoor learning venues among 76% of kids.
  • Even teachers benefit from outdoor learning as 79% of them say it has informed their teaching methods.


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