Using Silver To Purify Water

How To Use Silver to Purify WaterHow To Use Silver to Purify Water
Our bodies need to be continuously hydrated; drinking plenty of water is the best way to do this. Having clean water to drink and for other home uses is crucial. Access to clean water helps to ensure people are safe from water-borne diseases. It turns out that silver can be used to purify water. Initially, this seems complicated, but purifying water using silver is pretty straightforward. The precious metal is usually associated with silverware and fancy jewelry. It may be a surprise that that has a fantastic ability to purify the water we drink. The ability of silver to purify water is based on the fact that silver ions and their nanoparticles can help lower the number of bacteria, viruses, and fungi in water. Silver ions work to prevent DNA replication of bacteria and fungi in water, which kills the microbes. Nonetheless, it should be clear that
silver shouldn’t be used on its own to purify water. It’s used alongside other techniques for it to be effective. For instance, it works best with carbon or ceramic filtration. If you’re worried that your water may not be fit for drinking, read on to find out how you can use silver to purify your water.


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