Daniel Garvin

Daniel Garvin is a member of a North American people inhabiting the Maritime Provinces of Canada known as the Mi’kmaq. He is a Writer, Poet, Author, Missionary, Native American, Indigenous Counselor, Eagle Dancer, Blowgun Champion and  Conference Speaker. He has ministered and counseled all over North America and Indonesia.

His books are available in e-book form at Destin-E Books under spiritual and non-fiction categories.
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Dani’El Garvin

2-native names

Okinow: “Bringer of light & life”

“E Gi Doh” Cherokee

  • Mi’kmaq tribal elder & chief (Recognized in Trinidad & Land of 2-sands)
  • Adopted into the Cherokee by clan mother & Snowbird elder (Via vision quest)
  • Taught the Cherokee youth 3-years their culture (Flute, drum, dance, blow-dart, crafts)
  • Pow wow competitive dancer including the sacred “Eagle dance”
  • Pow wow arena director 4-years
  • Acknowledged tribal medicine chief
  • Attended world indigenous gatherings in South America & Trinidad
  • Ministered prophetically to local tribes in jungle with native flute
  • Acknowledged as chief in Trinidad during sacred ceremonies
  • Featured in newspapers & on TV
  • Lived on 6-nation’s reserve on Grand river Canada, did ceremony there
  • Ordained by “Indigenous Messengers International”
  • Has performed Native weddings with drum & flute
  • Cherokee blow-dart champion 5-years
  • Reconciliation work to unite 2-cherokee tribes in SC
  • Apart of the forgiveness movement in Canada to bring reconciliation & healing between Western boarding school abuse & Aboriginal people
  • Skilled with medicine drum chants and Native flute
  • Hosted many Native American gatherings
  • Authored a book on First Peoples as well as has written many articles
  • Taught Native American spirituality course, & led educational demonstrations in local libraries & museums
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