Thank-you for allowing me to publish your book. As an author I know how precious writing something can be and will treat it as such. I also know how difficult it can be to get anything published these days; high fees, small royalties, etc. That is why I started DESTIN-E BOOKS; to make publishing easy and to get you as high a return as possible from your book sales. Read the following carefully and  let me know if you have any questions.


  • I will take your editable manuscript (see requirements below) and produce a high quality PDF format e-book version of it for sale. It will be encrypted so no one can copy it. I can produce a simple but adequate book cover (Basically a background picture with title and author).
  • I will furnish you with a one page webpage with a book description and ordering capability built in. This will also include a URL you can use for advertising for yourself in your social media, etc. I will also furnish a pin type ad on Pinterest.
  • When someone buys your book it will be automatically and instantly delivered to them.
  • I mark up your book price at my discretion for my services (usually $1-$3). That way you get the full retail price you are asking.
  • I will pay you monthly via PayPal. If Paypal deducts any amount for their services I am not responsible for that.
  • I will publicize your book at least once a week on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. All other publicity and advertising is up to you. It is really up to you to advertise your book for yourself.
  • You retain all rights to your book and you may remove it anytime by just letting me know.
  • If you need additional services like editing, book cover design or for me to be more involved in your layout I can accommodate you for an additional fee. Editing: $1 per page. Book Cover Design: Depends on what you want done. Social Media Push Once A Day: $1 per day. Other Services: Ask about what you have in mind.


  • I need an editable manuscript produced preferably in Microsoft WORD but as long as I can open in WORD it does not matter what software you use. You must e-mail this to me or if it is too large a document to e-mail (which is usually the case) it must be uploaded to Google Drive and you must provide me a link so I can download it.
  • The manuscript must already be laid out like you want with pictures inserted, page numbers, table of contents, etc. Generally a good layout should include in this order: Title page, Dedication (optional), Foreword (optional),Table of contents (May be optional depending on if your book is divided into chapters), main content (this is your main content and writing. There should be a page break for each chapter.), short author bio (optional but recommended. You may also include contact information, your website, etc.), list of other books by author (optional).
  • I do not do editing. Your manuscript should be proofread, corrected and ready for me when I get it. I will do a quick reading and if it has a lot of typos I may recommend you get it proofread and corrected and return to me when it is done.
  • I can do a simple book cover with background picture (that you furnish) and title and author. If you want more than that you need to furnish me with a book cover that you have done or an artist has done. I can recommend a good artist if you need one.
  • You will need a PayPal account so I can pay you. If you don’t have one go to and set you up a free account and furnish me with e-mail address you will use for payment. It is secure for you. I cannot access any bank information you file with them. It is simple to use. I will not use any other means of payment.
  • Author Info Form below filled out. Just copy and paste, fill it out and e-mail to me.


The following  is just for my records. It will not be given out to anyone. Copy and paste into an e-mail to me filled out. E-mail to me at

  • SUB-TITLE (if there is one.)
  • AUTHOR NAME (You may use a pen name if you like. If there is co-author I need their name too.)
  • PAYPAL INFO (This is just the e-mail you set up when you set up the account. That is how I will pay you. They also have a pay me link available if you want to set that up and give me that.)
  • AUTHOR BIO (Optional but recommended. Keep it short but write a short bio describing yourself, your qualifications, anything you want readers to know about you, etc. Bio should also include any contact information you want to give out like web page, e-mail, phone number, etc. but only what you want to give out to public. )
  • OTHER BOOKS YOU HAVE WRITTEN (Optional but recommended.)
  • LEGAL NAME (Real name you go by. First and last name is fine.)
  • ADDRESS (Optional but recommended. )
  • PHONE NUMBER (Optional but recommended. This is just for my records in case I need to contact you.)
  • RETAIL PRICE (This is your asking price.)
  • AUTHOR PICTURE (Optional but recommended.)


You must agree to the following terms and conditions for me to publish your work. The term ‘publisher’ below includes Benjamin Pressley and DESTIN-E BOOKS.

  • I will not hold publisher personally responsible for any harm that comes from anyone using anything described in my book.
  • I understand publisher may change terms and profit margin any time at his discretion but will inform me of it first so I may have option to continue with me as your publisher or not.
  • I understand that there is no guarantee my book will sell. I hope it does well but I understand publisher has no control over that.
  • I understand that publisher publishes all genres except erotica and generally degrading of any human being. Publisher also will not publish any religious material that puts one human being over another especially in a degrading inferior way. Publisher believes all human beings are worthy of respect and one human being is not more important than another.
  • I understand publisher reserves the right to refuse to publish ANY book for ANY reason at his discretion and reserves the right whether they want to tell me or not why they are not publishing and may drop my book at any time at his discretion.



I agree to have my personal information transfered to MailChimp ( more information )
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