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Featured Author: Benjamin Raven Pressley 
Writer, Author, Survival Skills Instructor, Artist, Spiritual Guide
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How To Avoid A Lifetime Of Pain
By Benjamin Raven & Liz Pressley
This book is written by two people who are no strangers to pain. When you go through pain and tribulation in your life you can let it destroy you and make you miserable or you can learn from it and rise above it. This book is a labor of love. It is about things we have learned the hard way. Like it or not our life is the sum of the choices we have made in life. It is our desire and hopes that someone will learn from the mistakes we have made and not have to make the same mistakes themselves. We have also consulted with others whose lives have been riddled with pain and they have shared what they wish they would have done differently and what they have learned from their choices in life. A great book for young and old with advice on life in general, marriage, parenting, finances, dealing with life’s setbacks and more.


By Benjamin Raven Pressley
Is evolution a fact? Is evolution science? Is there a case for intelligent design? Ever since Darwin and his work Origin of the Species, written in 1859, it has been more or less accepted that evolution was the only explanation of where all life originated from and that intelligent design was only a religious belief. However, with the advancement of technology scientists have been able to study life on a molecular level with powerful microscopes not available in Darwin’s time. With the discovery of DNA and the complex molecular machinery of certain bacteria many scientists are challenging the theory of evolution and believe intelligent design is worth reconsidering and should be put back on the table for consideration.

    In this book I wish to present the mounting evidence in favor of intelligent design as an explanation to the origin of life. I will look at microscopic molecular machines; tiny machines composed of molecular material that compare in many ways to machinery created by human beings. I will look at DNA and the complex information it contains. I will also consider some of the flawed reasoning in the scientific world that is actually shutting out certain realms of possibility and does not encourage good science.

Loving Boundaries
By Benjamin Raven Pressley & John Manning
Homosexuality is a much debated subject in the world today and in the church in general. God does place loving boundaries on our expressions of love and sex life. And though the Bible speaks clearly that sexual relations are to be confined only in a marriage between one man and one woman this is no excuse to hate and bully those who are involved in other types of sexuality. God wants the best for his children and it is often difficult to get this message across to anyone. This book is two-fold for it first of all presents what the Bible says about homosexuality. It is also backed up by many scientific studies of homosexual populations. Secondly, this book attempts to bring the church into a place of love like Christ had for all people and to realize we all fall short of the glory of God and how we can present the Bible’s message of love to the homosexual. I have included this title in the non-fiction section because this book contains information that may of be of interest to anyone struggling with this subject.

Featured Author: Daniel Garvin
Writer, Author, Missionary, Native American, Indigenous Counselor, Eagle Dancer, Blowgun Champion, Conference Speaker
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Beauty & Honor In Indigenous Cultures
By Daniel Garvin
Indigenous people have a unique and different world view which is at odds with the western world view. There is a seventh fire prophecy that states when western greed has destroyed our life support system on this planet the survivors will turn to native peoples to learn how to be caretakers of this planet with a sound ecological outlook and sustainability in mind. All things have life and should be valued. In this book, I, as a Native American attempt to present these views for all to understand.


How To Minister To The Transgender In Your Fellowship
By Daniel Garvin
Gender, strictly speaking, is binary, male and female, determined by the sex organs you are born with, however, mentally it can be more complicated than that. During birth fluids in the womb can strongly bias a ‘brain sex’ in certain people. But just as 2% of the world’s population are redheads there are 2% of the world’s population that have a more complicated DNA and chromosomal diversity. The X chromosome is one of the two sex chromosomes in humans (the other is the Y chromosome.). Females have two X chromosomes, while males have one X and one Y chromosome. Early in embryonic development in females, one of the two X chromosomes is randomly and permanently inactivated in cells other than egg cells, normally, but every now and then scientists are observing XX males, XY females and XXY. Native Americans have described the XXY person to be ‘two spirits’. As a Native American and the author of this book I identify with the latter designation. There are many terms used to describe these more complicated people like Klinefelters, Hermaphrodites, XXXY tall athletic women, to name a few. In nature we observe that worms have both genders. Male starfish and sea horses carry the eggs. The Clown fish can change from male to female. Is the Creator one of diversity or is this the result of the fall told about in the book of Genesis? Christ taught that there are those who are born as eunuchs. John 9 says God can be glorified in the midst of birth problems. Walking in holiness and purity is the key. In my book I endeavor to explain and bring unity in the church on this often divisive issue. I share my struggle and how the Holy Spirit helps me to lead a pure life. I have included this title in the non-fiction section because this book contains information that may of be of interest to anyone struggling with this subject.




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