The Truth of Reformation

This E-book will fill you with deeper scriptural understanding that the LORD wants His body of believers to know and take ownership of. It is not about religion, rather it is based on a relationship with the One true God! Man has created all the religions through their religious dogma, but God desires a Covenantal relationship. His Truth is black and white. Man’s theology has created all the gray areas. Do you really have complete understanding of God’s Marriage Covenant, The Oneness of God and The True Essence of the Messiah? As well as the correlation of: 1) The completion of 6000 years from Creation, 2) Yom Teruah (Rosh haShanah) 1999, 3) Succot (Feast of Tabernacles) 1999, 4) The Native Americans as the Gatekeepers of America, 5) The End Time Restoration and the Two Sticks becoming One in the Hand of YHVH and 6) The Hardeeville Explosion in the year 2000? If not, then you will definitely need to read The Truth of Reformation – Second Edition!! If you are a Christian and are searching for Truth, this is the book for you. If you are a Messianic believer and are still questioning some things, this is the book for you.

The Lightshade Chronicles–Triskelion


Volume 1


You have read about him throughout the Ravenquest series. A Death Fury raised by a kindly old Arcamagi named Grimhiss who never became evil like the other Death Furies. Now he is a hero of Terra Zem. But what was it like growing up? As you can imagine, it was not easy to convince people that he was not evil like the Death Furies are. This is volume one in a series following Drogan Lightshade and his quests for good with an ape-like warrior known as a Cain and a reptilian Arabesque. Together they become one in battle as the Triskelion. Follow this exciting tale and the Triskelion’s part in the liberation of the mysterious Icilian Labyrinth.

SHADOWQUEST 2: Hall of the Mountain King

Jaden and Destini have certainly established themselves as capable heroes and rightful heirs to the title of Shadowreavers. Yet throughout Ravenquest there has  always been that nagging, unanswered question: Who is the Mountain King where the story all began long ago before even Raven and Skyeyes were born? But one would have to travel back in time to find out the real answer to that question. Is that possible? Jaden and Destini are certainly up for the challenge. Read their continuing adventures and find out once and for all the identity of the Mountain King. You will be shocked and surprised!

How To Avoid A Lifetime Of Pain

This book is written by two people who are no strangers to pain. When you go through pain and tribulation in your life you can let it destroy you and make you miserable or you can learn from it and rise above it. This book is a labor of love. It is about things we have learned the hard way. Like it or not our life is the sum of the choices we have made in life. It is our desire and hopes that someone will learn from the mistakes we have made and not have to make the same mistakes themselves. We have also consulted with others whose lives have been riddled with pain and they have shared what they wish they would have done differently and what they have learned from their choices in life. A great book for young and old with advice on life in general, marriage, parenting, finances, dealing with life’s setbacks and more.

Unending Love

Dani’El Garvin is known for his spiritual insights as seen through the eyes of a Native American. This is a fictional love story that touches on love and the twists and turns that life causes his character, a missionary, in his search for endearing love and friendship. You will enjoy reading this short story of love found and perhaps gain personal insight into what unending love is about.

Indigenous Native Two Spirit Identity

Have you ever heard the term ‘Two Spirit’? Among those who have heard the term often describe it wrongly as the Native American term for transgender. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Many tribes had what they considered a gift to the tribe, the birth of a Native two spirit medicine person. These special intersex Natives embodied a pan-Indian third gender, who could identify with both male and female identities. The truth is, a two spirit gifted tribal member had more to do with spiritual good medicine, as they often possessed a seer gift, and very little to do with sexualization. A two spirit person doesn’t really fit into the LGBTQ expressions of sexualization, nor do they desire to have physical and surgical alterations. Our focus is primarily on the Spirit, and our identity role in tribal culture. Dani’el Garvin knows. He is a two spirit Miq’maq Native American. This book will help you understand what a two spirit truly is. Dani’el shares the heartbreak and rewards of his journey as a two spirit person and offers direction and hope to others who may be struggling with their sexual identity.

The Transformation of the Church

The Church has attempted to go through a reformation under Luther, Calvin, and many other reformers. Through them Catholic canonized scriptures have been translated and made available to all. However, what system were they trying to reform and improve on? The church of today has been heavily influenced by pagan roots. This new perverted form of Christianity goes back to the Babylonian and  Canaanite curse. This is the root system of even today’s contemporary Church. When you draw nutrients & sustenance from a polluted root system, then try to reform a pagan system, you still end up with a polluted version far from original first century Church and what it was meant to be! Learn more in this eye-opening book from Dani’el Garvin.

Reflections of a Raven



 By Benjamin Raven Pressley

From early on in my life it has seemed that I have looked at things deeper than many would. I see things differently. I see deeper meanings even for things that seemingly may not merit deeper scrutiny. I have been accused many times of over-thinking things. I have come to peace with this long ago. I realize that what I see and feel are reflections, reflections that if pondered and meditated upon are able to bring us greater understanding, peace and wisdom. Most of these reflections take place when I am writing, some when I dream, some when I meditate, some when I pray and some when I am sitting in the midst of a congregation of people on the street or gathered together in one place. It is time I shared these reflections. I hope you will read and ponder these reflections and treasure them as I have.


“Raven this is a masterpiece! The section about “A dream within a dream” took my breath away! You are like me, a hopeless romantic! “Embracing is like dancing among the stars.” “Two hearts beating as one!” Powerful descriptions of love and intimacy. I liked your thoughts about the interconnectedness of all people, and the universe. Your reflections on good & evil were excellent. Reading this was like eating a delicious meal, finding a rich treasure, & having a deep visceral experience. Personally I’m overwhelmed by It! This is the type of book it would take me a year to fully digest. Great work of artistic expression!!!” .—Dani’el Garvin, Miq’maq elder

Becoming The Perfect Chef

Have you ever dreamed about being a master chef, maybe even have your own TV show? What about just being a great cook at home? No matter your ambitions this book is for you. It will teach you cooking tips, how to find a chef school, how to find a job as a chef, testing recipes, trying new recipes, opening a restaurant and so much more!

Become A Master Affiliate Marketer

If you currently own a business or are thinking of starting one up, chances are, you are going to need some information about how to get the word out about your product or service. That is when you need to think about marketing and building a marketing strategy.

With the World Wide Web being the major source of information sharing and communications in the world, it is natural that you would want to use this as a major focus for building your marketing strategy. That is what this e-book is for; to teach you how to become a major player in the field of business that you choose by taking advantage of the internet and using affiliation as your marketing strategies foundation.

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