Chair/Seated Martial Art Ring (Bamboo and Iron) Exercises for Seniors and the Physically Challenged

    One of the best and least known pieces of equipment used in numerous martial art systems is the bamboo and iron rings.  Those involved in the martial art systems of Wing Chun, Praying Mantis, Tai Chi, Qigong, and other martial arts are well known for using various size rings in their training routines.  However, you do not have to take up a martial art to enjoy the many benefits from training in this versatile and fantastic exercise training aid.

    This manual along with numerous other books focus on workouts for seniors and those with physical limitations and balance problems.  All the exercises are done from a chair or a seated position.  Actually there are many exercises you can also do on your back using the martial art exercise ring. There are numerous ring sizes that are used in some martial art systems but this program is designed to be used in circles with a diameter from 8 ½ to 13 inches.

    Even though this is a comprehensive book on the use of the iron and bamboo Martial arts ring; nevertheless, you should also keep in mind that this manual is not the last word on the wide variety of uses you can do with exercise rings.  If you use your own imagination you can probably come up with more exercise movements using this highly versatile martial art exercise tool.

Joseph J. Truncale

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