RAVENQUEST 2: The Scroll & The Key

   The Skyebara is upon us…It is a world cleansing that will unite all the tribes of Terra Zem. It is said it is a ‘planting’ though and ‘not and uprooting’. That being said, there are still some citizens of Terra Zem who still seem to be gripped in the evil that Shinar brought upon Terra Zem, though Shinar is dead. It all depends upon a mysterious scroll and key being found and taken to the right place at the right time. It is said the scroll and key will unlock that which has been hidden for so long.
    Meet Caelholdt the Helmsman, Nuwolf the Guardian, Enya of the mysterious Teragaard, Jazeer of the Dreamworld and more as you travel with the Shadow Reavers on their continuing mission to free Terra Zem. My  exciting series continues with book 2 entitled THE SCROLL AND THE KEY. If you love fantasy/fiction that is family friendly you will love the continuing adventures of the heroes of Terra Zem, the Shadow Reavers. Excitement! Action! Romance! Adventure! 

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