RAVENQUEST 4: This Ever Present Moment

The Shadow Reavers greatest quest is upon them as they reunite with Kwyjene of the Trocolane, now a seasoned warrior. Their adventures take them beneath Terra Zem in great caverns and even the very vortex of time itself. They travel upon the one great sea of Terra Zem, Terrakis in search of the elusive Dragones Seakind. Some say they are only legend Kwyjene knows in her heart they are not. Meet Blackstone the Unseen as he helms the great ship Covenant. Travel with the Shadow Reavers once again as they encounter giants, experience the Aardwerlde and meet the Woodsage. Meet a tribe consisting only of children and find out what happened to their parents. Fight beside the Shadow Reavers as they fight the Battle of the Red Mist in an invisible realm. All this and more as they find the deep meaning of THIS EVER PRESENT MOMENT.
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