Reflections of a Raven



 By Benjamin Raven Pressley

From early on in my life it has seemed that I have looked at things deeper than many would. I see things differently. I see deeper meanings even for things that seemingly may not merit deeper scrutiny. I have been accused many times of over-thinking things. I have come to peace with this long ago. I realize that what I see and feel are reflections, reflections that if pondered and meditated upon are able to bring us greater understanding, peace and wisdom. Most of these reflections take place when I am writing, some when I dream, some when I meditate, some when I pray and some when I am sitting in the midst of a congregation of people on the street or gathered together in one place. It is time I shared these reflections. I hope you will read and ponder these reflections and treasure them as I have.


“Raven this is a masterpiece! The section about “A dream within a dream” took my breath away! You are like me, a hopeless romantic! “Embracing is like dancing among the stars.” “Two hearts beating as one!” Powerful descriptions of love and intimacy. I liked your thoughts about the interconnectedness of all people, and the universe. Your reflections on good & evil were excellent. Reading this was like eating a delicious meal, finding a rich treasure, & having a deep visceral experience. Personally I’m overwhelmed by It! This is the type of book it would take me a year to fully digest. Great work of artistic expression!!!” .—Dani’el Garvin, Miq’maq elder

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