Tanto Jutsu

By Joseph J. Truncale
Tanto Jutsu (Dagger or short blade art) was taught along with Kenjutsu (Sword art) in most Japanese Bujutsu schools. The Samurai carried at least two blades. The long sword, (Katana) and the half or short sword (Wakizashi). The Samurai many times also carried a Tanto with him in his belt (Obi). Some Samurai carried a Katana (Long sword) and a large (12-inch) Tanto (Short blade or dagger) instead of the Wakizashi (short sword). The techniques and tactics of using the Tanto are for the most part, the same ones used in Kenjutsu. The purpose of this manual is to provide a basic introduction to Tanto Jutsu. This manual was designed for Bushi Satori Ryu Jujitsu and Karate students to provide a basic outline of the Tanto Jutsu techniques. This manual was written to be used in conjunction with actual training with a certified Bushi Satori Ryu instructor. As with all the martial arts, nothing can take the place of training under a competent instructor.

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